Why Join CPCA?

Precast industries are destined to grow. This is an accepted fact. As jobsite labor costs increase, so does the need for speedy installation. Precast products include the quality control, consistency, and adherence to specifications not found in typical onsite, poured-in-place structures. Where true least-cost analyses are employed, precast products are the logical choice. You have an opportunity to participate in the orderly growth of the precast industry. Your membership in CPCA gives you a voice, in concert with other precasters to influence legislation, regulations, product quality and economic growth of the industry. Your association with CPCA will ensure that you are informed and included in the changing dynamics of the industry you have chosen to serve. The voice our association brings to legislative and regulatory issues, both pro and con, far exceed what we could hope to accomplish by ourselves, independently. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the more intimate environment of the annual CPCA conference, and on committees directly affecting you locally. CPCA ensures that your specific concerns will be heard and acted on.

Finally, we want you to join. We need your energy, your knowledge and your opinions.

  • Spring and Fall conferences with education, networking, industry tours. 
  • Professional advocacy for top-notch representation in Sacramento
  • Annual Lobby Day at the California State Capitol
  • Lunch and Learn opportunities for specifiers and members at member plants
  • Product referrals
  • Online Membership Directory open to the public
  • Membership list with products list
  • Industry specific publications for specifiers and engineers
  • Mel C. Marshall Scholarship Fund
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